14 January, 2019

Application Hosting

Are you managing your own IT operations keeping with tradition ? With today Cloud Computing Technologies, you only need laptop or PC to manage your business. Let’s us manage your IT hardware, operating system, database system and software application operations in the cloud environment. We can offer you the following :

Subscribe from Cloud Service Provider physical private server or virtual private server in a secure and high availability cloud computing environment to run your business application.

Install and operate the operating system, the database and the software application while you concentrate on using the business application to manage and run your business operations.

You can login to your business application through the internet from your laptop, PC or mobile device from anywhere at anytime where there is internet connection.

Our application hosting features :
Our package is based on a one-time setup and an annual subscription basis.
Subscription includes normal hours operations support and maintenance.
Subscription includes initial hardware, operating system and database system support and maintenance.
Hardware, operating system and database upgrade, application software fixes and upgrades would be subjected to additional fee.