14 January, 2019

Email Hosting Features

Email is the most common communication tool between your company and other entities. There are free email system for personal use e.g. Gmail, Outlook, iCloud and subscribed email system for business purposes e.g. Office 365, One Office. You may consider or are using these for business purposes.

Alternately and legitimately you can also have your own email system which we can offer :

Register your company internet web domain name – e.g. abc.com or xyz.com.sg to be use in conjunction with your email ID e.g. john@abc.com.

Protect your company registered domain name to prevent others from pretending to be your company on the internet

Protect your company web site with SSL network security for keeping your internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between your company web site and others

Build, support, maintain and operate your company email system.

Have dedicated virtual private server to host your company email system only segregated from other companies.

We offer standard email hosting packages or one that can be customized to your requirement.
Our package is based on a one-time setup and an annual subscription to host and support a predetermined fixed number of email IDs.
Subscription includes normal hours operations support and maintenance.  Add/Delete/Change additional IDs within the package quota and email password reset is included in the package.
Free add-ons include eM Client provided in the package, anti-spam and capacity and performance monitoring.
Additional features like shared calendaring and shared or company mailboxes would be subjected to additional fee.